Doran Kidd is Silent Warhall


Bird Song was filmed in various locations around Death Valley. The train sequence was at Kelso in Mojave. The engineers on board were surprised to see a blonde wearing a wig around her waist in motorcycle boots with black electrician's tape on her nipples.

The song is about sexual freedom and what it takes to love a woman.

Doran had fun getting dusty.

Cheesecake or Fudge is a story of Andy Warhol if he had lived, ending up as a derelict in Venice, California with an old dog for a companion. Andy as derelict sees the injustice of Latinos working at or below minimum wage to clean homes, wash cars or wait on tables.

He decides to march with his new friends, maybe later he'll contact somebody he knew in NY who could help. A CEO or some president.

Dry River Bed is about the end of a drought.

It happened when a camping trip lasting 30 days experienced a week of downpour and at the end of it the dry river bed was raging.

Doran read aloud the books of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. She had a white cat named Baby that followed her everywhere there and is following her now.

Doran Kidd in Bird Song Cheesecake or Fudge Cheesecake or Fudge