Doran Kidd is Silent Warhall


Doran Kidd was born in Kansas and raised in Minnesota. She's from a town called Park Rapids. Minnesota is famous for producing artists. Bob Dylan, Prince, Craig Kilborn and Judy Garland are among her fellow Minnesotans.

She left for London in her Junior year at Bimidji State. There she joined a theatre group, after attending the Royal Academy of Arts. She spent 3 years there working theatre at night and painting flats with a member of the Thompson Twins by day.

She became a Mime working Portobello Road. As a mime, she was discovered by the Welsh Traveling Company. She almost settled in Wales, but for the errant heart of the company's director.

Returning to the States, she landed in San Francisco and started her music career. Teaming up with a number of musicians, she started a band called Touch, moved to Los Angeles and became Silent Warhall.

Using public access, she took video equipment to the most remote locations, directed, shot and edited every frame. She worked part time jobs, painted portraits and acted to finance her art. She produced two CD releases, a cassette release, 54 music videos and 20 works of art.

In the early 90's, her band was often listed on the CMJ list. In Europe, "Vampire's Lament" became an underground classic; and her videos were widely broadcast.

The first Gulf War galvanized her to action. She took to the air waves lamenting the loss of life, horrified by the "Highway of Death." Her heart wept, while the media trumpeted "Smart Bombs and remote kills."

Doran Kidd in Bird Song