Doran Kidd is Silent Warhall


Poetic Recall by Ross Zirkle

it was a brutal death..
i'm getting tired of brutal deaths
like ophelia
i guess human sacrifice never stopped

children and lovers
lovers and children

i do sob

a beautiful man ran out of the ocean
he looked like john...john
join me he spoke wet with salt
it's a good day

flying solo
i'll be in silk
love hot
pelvic bones
crash gentle
as a coffin slides
into the sea

we sob is love
we sob in love


Kum Buba Yali
Jum Bumba Tambe
Kum Kunka Yali
Kum Kuma Tambe

West African Mantra-Said to Give Slaves
The Ability to Fly Back to Africa &
Animate Their Farm Tools to Work for Them.

Push as far as you can
To the other side of the universe.


Woman's BackWoman's Back

I used to thread a needle for my grandmother
Now I can't even string a heart.

Old ManOld Man

The coolness of this society
is plunging me into hypothermia.
I would take the wrath and hatred
and plunge it into a boiling pot.
Torso Torso

Walk into the bush
To shake out animals
Hide in anthills
As the bull pierces the ground.
He sees my eyes
And walks away
I am humble enough.

Climb the mountain gently
Ask permission to mount her
K-2 has a kitty bivouacked halfway up
They shot the mountain lion a half a mile into freedom.

Doran Kidd in Performance at EZTV Doran Kidd in Performance at EZTV Briefcase